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Friday, February 25, 2011

Women’s Waistline Impacts Paycheck, Study Reveals

It appears society’s media-driven standard on what are ideal physical appearances also plays a significant role even in economics, as a new study printed in the Journal of Applied Psychology says thinner women often get bigger paychecks than their heavier counterparts. Inversely, the study found that muscled men get bigger paychecks compared to their skinny and leaner-than-average mates.
The study says skinny women gets $16,000 more a year on average compared to women of bigger girth, while lean men receive $8,000 less than their muscled counterparts.
Experts decry the pervasive practice of evaluating people primarily on the basis of appearance, which media has fostered for years with its unceasing emphasis on beauty and good looks in programs and advertisements.

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